Episode 9: That Old Tales

When you were a child have you ever been lied to? Not the super serious kind of lie but that white little lie that parents usually tell their child to get them to either do or not do something? As Indonesian, there are some common tales/white lies that we were told or grew up around […]


Episode 7: Ta-boooos!

With every culture, society and religion there are things that would be considered as forbidden to do. Being Christian-Indonesian, we are anything but exempt from rules and guidelines of forbidden things. But do the things that make us different, make us wrong? In this episode we explore the taboos that we are surrounded by, have […]


Episode 6: Rice On, Rice Off

People say the way to a man’s stomach is through food…. Oh, wait… That’s not what this episode is about. It is about food but there is no man… So sorry… In this episode, we discussed about the general Indonesian food that we love as Indonesians. As human we all need to consume food at […]

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