2016 Christmas | Julia

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2016 Christmas | Julia

This Christmas; I had to bake multiple cakes. For work and as presents. I went to 3 church events. A Thursday service at Epic Church, a Christmas dinner at PPC on Saturday and a Christmas service at PPC on Sunday. Monday, which is my extra day off I went to Mitsuwa Marketplace and New York, which I partially regret. I had fun for the first half of the day but the second half; lets just say, that second half did not need to happen. The whole week at work was already busy, on that Monday I should have just done what I usually do on a day off; SLEEP! I needed the rest more than the fun. I admit I am getting old, I get tired easier and I like to stay home more than go out.

Christmas should be happy time but I think this year Christmas time has become a little to crazy. I made too many plans and promises for my own good. I love Christmas but I did not look forward to it as much I have before. For me, this Christmas its true meaning is just a little lost. Hopefully 2017 Christmas won’t be the same as this year.

I hope all of you out there had a great Christmas, and a great New Year celebration. I hope to sleep my New Year away!


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