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5 Hotel Tips | Julia

I am not in any way a professional hotel reviewer or anything but I did work in a hotel. I work at the particular hotel property good 6-7 months and I quit due to management dysfunction. Although I only worked at the hotel for 6-7 months I’ve collected enough experience to not be cheated when I stay at a property.

I hope these tip will help you be a pro and stay on top of things when you stay at hotels. I think it will help my partner (Nanda) as well because she travels more than I do.

    I mean you can if you don’t go stay at hotel often and you want a cheap rate but hear me out, I know it can be about 50% cheaper sometimes but seriously if you travel and stay at hotels often I would not recommend you to use employee rates 80% of the time when you use an employee rates they will give you the less than average to average conditioned room because well, you paid at a cheap price and you can’t earn points for the loyalty program, which means you pretty much has no status of any sort and the hotel does not have to give youu 100% compliance. That’s a part of it at least, the other part is that even though you complaint to the front desk, you won’t get anything back because typically employee rates room can’t put out bad reviews that will effect the property so the hotel will handle your complaints with minimal attention. You can do yelp review or google review or whatever those site reviews but trust me it’ll effect the property in 0%. They can request those reviews to be deleted easily.

    If you are the person that stays at hotels constantly I suggest you joint the property loyalty program such as stawood (sheraton, four points, w hotel, etc) or Hilton HHonor. At first you will probably will get the less than average to average treatment but once you stay at least 10 stays within a year, you’ll be treated like loyalty. I know that you’ll probably pay a little more but in the long run you can use their points for free stays, better treatment, better rooms (aka upgrades to suites for free) and depending on the loyalty program, you might even be able to redeem the points for free flights. At the end of the day it’s just worth it.

    If you are not a part of the hotel you are staying in loyalty program, these front desk people are the only people that maybe able to save your ass from stanky room. It’s not a full proof plan but it may just work. Sometimes they have no choice but to put you in a room with the worst view or smallest window because the property is predominately booked by the members of their loyalty programs that are high up in the tier (I had a 80% platinum level stayed at the property I worked at before). However, if you compliment them a little, chit-chat with them and make them smile, you might just be able to change your small room with small window with bad views to at least a larger room with a small window that has an amazing view. 40% of the time rooms are not pre-blocked to certain guest unless there is an event in the hotel or well highest tier members are staying with at property.
    I’m not sure about anyone else but I really would like to stay in a room where at least their sheets, duvet, pillows and towels are clean. You might think that they wash and change every sheets and towels in the room, sorry to burst your bubble but many property does not.The one I work at particularly the housekeeper does not take out and replace towels if they seem to be “untouched” or seemingly “unused”. They also don’t always change their bedding. Many time they would just tidy it up depending how the previous person had used the room. I had helped inspect rooms before and there were many time I end up finding out that although the top duvet is “clean” looking but the bottom parts are stained. I want to say that it might had been just the hotel I worked at but from the knowledge I’ve gained when I went to NYC and stayed at the Westin Grand Central I found out it was the same.The first thing I checked was their beds, I flipped their duvets (2 double bed) upside down to find yellow stains on them and also black stains on their bed sheets. I complained to the front desk and being that I was using employee rates (as I mentioned in #1) they were utterly rude and my friends and I had to insist to be moved to what ended up being another mediocre room because they knew we couldn’t do anything that will effect their property.
    Hotel’s carpet is the dirtiest carpet you’ll ever find. If you think they often shampoo their carpets you are dreaming. Those treatments cost a fortune and most hotel properties are franchises, they don’t want to spend on that. When you do carpet cleaning it takes at least 1 full day. They have to do it floor by floor and room by room which mean they can’t sell their room and that means double lost of profits (spending to clean and can’t sell rooms).  Don’t ever walk in the room barefoot, you know what are on those floor? BLOOD, SPITS, WINE, FOOD, HAIR, DIRT,CUMS and MUCH MUCH MORE. If you don’t “see” a stain it’s because they spot clean them to make it look clean and presentable but it’s anything but clean.
    Not just for the purpose of complaints where something is wrong but to also give those employees who did things right recognition. The employees are just normal people like everyone else, if they do something right they need you to mention their name in reviews or their supervisor/manager so they can be promoted and go up in the job or industry. If you do something nice for them such as just mentioning in public or to their manager that they did good, they will probably remember who you are and when you come back they will give you an even better treatment.

That’s all to my guide for now. I hope it’ll help you guys with your hotel stays and help you maximize your bucks if you are a frequent hotel stayer.

I’ll see you guys in the next post.


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