Big Bang Concert | Julia

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Big Bang Concert | Julia

Hello there! I haven’t been here for awhile. I have been super tired lately that I was too lazy to post anything. Recently I went to a worship concert, JPCC, they used to call themselves True Worshiper. Then, the next day I went to a Big Bang Concert which was amazeballs! I will post some of the pictures in this post as well. The better pictures is in my friend’s phone because my phone memory space is hella tiny so I apologize in advance if the pictures are not that great.

And speaking about pictures, I really want to get back into photography. I’m not really sure how though. I don’t really want to shoot events or weddings, I want to do more of candid pictures. The whole day I was looking at digital cameras, from point and shoot camera to mirrorless camera. If any  of you guys out there knows about camera, you know that cameras are not cheap. I wanted something small that won’t be too heavy to put into my purse and have

amazing quality but then, the funny thing is though, after looking at all the cameras out there I realized that I already have a small camera, aka, my phone and as for a great quality, I also already have my DSLR and to be honest my DSLR is not that heavy unless I put my zoom lens on. I decided to buy a new lens instead. A lens that is smaller and good for everyday use and carry.

I do silly things sometimes, like wasting time 😛 Anyways, enjoy my Big Bang pictures

Big Bang Concert Selfie
Big Bang Selfie With The Big Bang Stick
My T.O.P
GD Owned The Show
My Secret Crush D-Lite
Tae Yang Oppa
I really Want To Take Him Home
Seungri :)
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