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California Trip | Julia

It is almost a month since I went to California but I have yet to get a chance to post an update here as to how it was. It was crazy, fun, beautiful, amazing and tiring all in one. In overall, it was just too short. I wish it was longer than just 5 days, there are so many amazingly beautiful places in California but due to time Nanda and I were not able to go to all of them. I suppose at least this way it gives me a reason to go back next year.

I love California; I loved the view, the weather and the cleanliness. San Francisco felt like it was always fall. In Los Angeles 89 degrees felt like 70, everything felt so perfect. We didn’t actually try that many food places but what we did try was bomb! I don’t think I ate anything that I would say that I hated it. The only down fall of the trip was the time. Like I said, 5 days was not enough since I did not just stay in one city. I went to San Francisco, Costa Mesa, and Los Angeles. To get to one location to another took time and California is filled with traffic. Due to traveling time we were exhausted most of the time. As much fun that it was, it was also quite tiring.

I felt so bad for whoever had to sit next to me on my trip back home from San Francisco to Philadelphia. I stank! I did not shower for almost 48 hours! Sunday morning LA time was the last shower I had till Monday evening PA time. I could smell myself, I had to wipe myself down and changed my clothes because it was that bad. Next time, need to change the order up a bit, I STANK I tell you!

Overall though, it was an amazing trip. It was an amazing experience. In a way I felt like I was home when I was in California. My dad and I are actually putting in some serious consideration on moving there, as to where in California? It’ll probably depends on where I get hire.

I guess this is the time where I am glad that I am still single. The best part of not being tied down by a significant other is that if I have to pack up and move at anytime of my life, I can do that without having to think about what shall I do with my other half.

Before any changes happens though, lets just reminisces through my trip 🙂

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The trip was awesome, I can’t wait to go back again! See you in the next post! <3


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