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Capitalize On Mother’s Day | Julia

Mother’s Day is tomorrow; May 12, 2019. What is Mother’s Day? According to wikipedia, “Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society.” But is it really though? I almost beg the differ but I have friends who are great mothers and I love them too dearly to take this away from them.

A post in National Retail Federation states that consumers Mother’s Day spending is expected to increase from $23.1 billion(2018) to a record of $25 billion this year. This is the negative side of me believes that Mother’s Day is simply an opportunity for business to make money. Although, Mother’s Day is not the #1 spending holiday but it is still up there (don’t quote me, I can’t remember where I read that) because unlike Christmas where not everyone celebrates it; a mother? If you are reading this, someone carried you in their stomach for 9 months. According to the same post 84% of U.S adults are expected to celebrate Mother’s Day; 84% is huge. Which means you have one and since you have a mother; society expects you to celebrate that human being. 

Throughout this week (May 5th, 2019 – May 11th, 2019) alone, the amount of emails I have gotten from companies that have the subject Mother is insane. My inbox is infested with them; “Mom Deserves a Night Out” – Ticketmaster, For Mom: $10 for a 20-Stem Bunch of Tulips” – Whole Food Market, “Enjoy this special Mother’s Day offer!” – American Airlines AAdvantage; name any company that you can think of there probably will be advertisement with “Mom” or “Mother” in the title. Beside being a celebration of Mothers, Mother’s Day is a day of money making.

For me personally, Mother’s Day is just a day to remember that mine is nothing more than a word or in some cases it is a day to look for a sale. As an individual who is not at all close to her mother; Mother’s Day is just another day or at least you would think that. For me Mother’s Day is probably one of the worst days in the year. For as long as I could remember during Mother’s Day is when my world shuts down. In most cases during this day I tuck myself away inside own bed, shut all the light and shut out the world.

I have gotten so much better after 2014 when my mother came to visit for the first time in 20 years. I cried my eyes out to give myself a closure. A closure for myself to know that I am fine and that I am not less of a good human being due to her lack of existence in my life. I was able to give myself a confirmation that I didn’t need her to survive. Rather I was strong enough to provide for her when I never even asked her for a penny. I realized that the mother and daughter bond will never form and I was fine with that. I grew enough to realize that not everyone you meet is meant to stay in your life even if that person birth you.

Although, I may seem bitter about Mother’s Day due to my own past but I am not. Or at least not anymore. I simply believe that America truly capitalizes on holidays; Mother’s Day just so happen to fall as that one holiday that is easily use to capitalize on because if you are a person, most likely you have a mother. I remember when I used retail; specifically Hallmark. The lines that week of Mother’s Day is insanity. It would wrapped out throughout the whole store and if could just sit down for 5 minutes it would be a miracle.

It may sound negative by saying that Mother’s Day is just another day for business to make money, however, there is nothing wrong with that because it is not only Mother’s Day that is being used by businesses. It’s all holidays, there’s no discrimination in the holiday sale business. For businesses holidays are their bread and butter, it is just a way of surviving. It is just unfortunate that often due to all the sales it makes people forget what it is they are actually celebrating.

For Mother’s Day, don’t forget what it is you are celebrating. Appreciation and affection should not be a once a year tradition. It should be an everyday thing. If you are an individual who is lucky enough to have a mother that loves you, don’t take for her granted because not everyone is as lucky as you are. Show her that you love her, not just on Mother’s Day but everyday. Tell her that you appreciate her for being around and for caring because, again, not everyone is as lucky to have a mother who cares and who is around. Life is not easy and having just one more person who will always love you is a blessing.

Have a happy Mother’s Day to all the great mothers out there 🙂


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