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Online dating works? | Patrecia

Test…test.. Is this thing on? *tapping on mic* haha!! Hello everyone!! It has been so long since last time I posted something on here (Sept ‘16). Eeekkk… a lot has happened since then, bad, good, sad, happy, up and down. A short recap for you, well, I became an aunt (an awesome one too 😉), […]


Graduation | Julia

So far the year 2019 started with quite a bang as I graduated with my bachelor degree last month. This degree has been quite a trip that caused me to be poor and lifeless. However, I am extremely proud of myself for being able get my degree and also come out of University without any […]


I Make Me Happy :) | Julia

It has been awhile since any type of update has been done on this blog, I suppose it is because life happened. Before I start the post I just want to say Happy Holidays. Merry belated Christmas and I hope everyone will have a good new year and a better year. I believe that as […]


Texas 2017 | Julia

Hello world, A month ago I went on a half planed and half unplanned trip to Texas. The plan was that I was suppose to be heading to Texas to visit a friend and families, however, the unplanned was that the family ended up leaving the country. To be honest I am still quite bitter […]

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