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Texas 2017 | Julia

Hello world, A month ago I went on a half planed and half unplanned trip to Texas. The plan was that I was suppose to be heading to Texas to visit a friend and families, however, the unplanned was that the family ended up leaving the country. To be honest I am still quite bitter […]


Florida 2017 | Julia

Took me ages to finally do this post but it is better late than never right? Life has not been going the way I would like it to go lately but I am hanging on. There are so many things that happened and I am highly unsatisfied with the outcome however, since I am unable […]


NYC Food Hunt | Julia

Hello World, It has been awhile since I last posted. I’ve been busy figuring out life and raising a bunny. I’ve recently got a dwarf bunny and named it Boba. Boba is still a child, in human years 10 years old; therefor it is going through its teen year stage and I’m having  a hard […]

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