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Decision Making – Marriage | Julia

Every single moment of your life depends on each decision that you make as you go through the day. Never make a decision based on a temporary situation or feeling. Make sure that the decision you make is one that you will never regret.

There is one specific decision where many make that annoys me. It’s the decision to marry because the girl is pregnant. This decision is more common in the Asian culture than it is in the American culture. I have quite few people that I know that wedded because the girl in the relationship was pregnant. There is nothing wrong with changing the order of things; changing the order as in having a child first than marriage, if that was the plan from the beginning. However, if you marry a person simply because due to a baby on the way, I feel bad for the child.

There are marriages that ends up working out because of these kind of situation, but how many percent is that? According to, “unplanned pregnancy have a 90% divorce rate within six years of getting married”. 90%! That is super high and yet this is probably one of the more common reason why people get married.

There is a couple that I personally know where she is in a very unhappy marriage right now. When the wife was pregnant, they thought that they were super in love and that they needed to get married but now the family is breaking apart. The husband is barely home, and always leaving the wife and the child because he feels that there are still things that he wants to do and the same with the wife however, because she has to watch their daughter, she can’t pursue anything and have to stay home.

Don’t make a hasty decision just because something that is temporary. Make decision such as getting married is huge. Marriage is lifetime commitment, or it should be a lifetime commitment. Make sure that it is not going to be a decision that you will regret. Don’t ever get married because you think it’s time (due to age/peer-pressure) or because of a baby. Get married only when you know that your partner is “the one” or I guess the person whom you know you can’t live a day with out, a person that you love more than yourselves, a person whom you are fully committed to, a person who you not only love but also hate.

Love and marriage is a hard all around, just make sure who ever you marry, you’ll be able to stand that person forever and a day.


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