Episode 6: Rice On, Rice Off

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Episode 6: Rice On, Rice Off

People say the way to a man’s stomach is through food…. Oh, wait… That’s not what this episode is about. It is about food but there is no man… So sorry…

In this episode, we discussed about the general Indonesian food that we love as Indonesians. As human we all need to consume food at some point, which is why we believe that food is a great vehicle for sharing our culture with other people.

Join to see what type of food we love or need in our lives as Indonesians and share with us what kind of Indonesian food you love. If you are not Indonesian; what kind of food in your culture do you love? Remember to include your country! We would like to explore other cultures’ food as well!

Julia and Nanda

Two ladies set out to conquer the world. Just kidding, none of us are ever that ambitious. We are just two individuals who have known each other for a very long time (more than a decade now) that wanted to venture out to collaborate on a project together. We are “TOOCONFIDENTIALMESS” – too as in 'two' (Jule & Nanda) and too as in well, too. Confidential as in, it is our not so little secret to the world and mess as in our perfectly imperfect lives.

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