Episode 9: That Old Tales

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Episode 9: That Old Tales

When you were a child have you ever been lied to? Not the super serious kind of lie but that white little lie that parents usually tell their child to get them to either do or not do something?

As Indonesian, there are some common tales/white lies that we were told or grew up around listening to. In this episode we created a list of 5 common tales/white lies that we encountered growing up. Listen to see if any of the one we mention, you’ve heard of before.

Also, remember to share with us some of the tall tales you have heard or grew up around. We are always interested!

Julia and Patrecia

Two ladies set out to conquer the world. Just kidding, none of us are ever that ambitious. We are just two individuals who have known each other for a very long time (more than a decade now) that wanted to venture out to collaborate on a project together. We are “TOOCONFIDENTIALMESS” – too as in 'two' (Jule & Nanda) and too as in well, too. Confidential as in, it is our not so little secret to the world and mess as in our perfectly imperfect lives.

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