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eyelash extensions experience | Patrecia

What? Am I posting two blog posts in one day? How is that even possible? haha

so as the title says. I got my eyelashes extended for a couple of months now. It all started after my coworker got hers done and I was so jealous of her beautiful lashes. I always have a thing for lashes, but too bad that I was born with what I called them “ASIAN LASHES”, because they are so short and so fine. So then I decided to give this eyelash extensions a try, so I went on Groupon and found one that is close to where I live and I only paid like 40% of the regular price. I was so happy when I first got them. The guy who did them said that he will try to put as many lashes as possible and see how well my real lashes can hold the extensions. So he only put 50 lashes on each eye. I was super happy but I wanted more. I should’ve gotten a touch up three weeks after i got them done because on average people lose 1-4 lashes a day. But because of my work schedule, I postponed my touch up until a total of 5 weeks after my first full set. This time I asked Ricky for more volume and he managed to put close to 75 lashes on each eye and I am so HAPPY with the way they look now!!

I love my lashes because even when I just wake up in the morning, my lashes are already ready for the day haha. Also, I have sensitive eyes, especially when I put eye make up, such as mascara or/and eye liner. I can’t wear them too early in the day or else my eyes are gonna water all day and they will not look pretty, so with extensions, they save me from those troubles.  But the downside is you CAN’T rub your eyes as aggressively as before and I am an eye rubber. It was tough at first but after a while, I got used to it and have more self control when it comes to rubbing my eyes.


For around my area, a full set starts at $250 and it goes up from there and for touch ups, they usually do as “30 mins touch up” or “1 hour touch up” usually for 30 mins is $50 and an hour is $75. But prices are varies, depending on where you live and where you go.

If you wanted to save time in the morning and not have to worry about your lashes, doing this extensions might be a way to go for you. And for those who were born with a fabulous set of lashes, oh you are so lucky! 🙂

Here is a picture of my current set on my lashes!


So that is it guys!! Hope you’ll find this helpful!

much love,

Nanda <3

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