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First Date | Patrecia

Here I am again, writing about relationship related blog. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not by any means “an expert” in this area. Why don’t we just wait and see where this is going, because I don’t know what would I write here =P

First date, I am sure almost everybody has been in this situation at least once in their lives. It is one of the very first steps people go on to see if this “relationship” will go into a “romantic relationship” . When it comes to first date, i always try to look and act my best, i groom myself, make sure that i dress nicely, hair and make up all on the right places, have my gum, lip gloss, and other emergency essentials ready, just in case.

First date can be very nerves wracking, can be very awkward and can be VERY VERY wrong. That is why i always advise you to get to the venue yourself, either you drive yourself or get a ride or something, why? Because you never know, if things go south, you can escape and run! XD

Depends on the guy, but most guys are a little lazy to think of places to go for a first date. Most of them suggested either dinner, coffee, or movie. Although i had an experience of watching a car racing as a first date and it was quiet an experience. There was this guy who took me to see a movie, which he insisted for us to pay ourselves and it was so AWKWARD!! I also had a Starbucks date, which wasn’t bad, we talked until we were the only one in the shop and a dinner date, which was okay, we talked a lot and learned about each other a lot, but he was easily irritated by our server who was checking up on us a few times, which showed that he wasn’t the most patient guy. do you see how many things can be learned from just one first date? but all of them were easy, i didn’t have to think too hard about “what should i wear?”. but some guys are more creative than others and that makes me feel challenged, which I think it what makes me interested on going. i’m not going to sat where/when/who yet. i will tell you when it happened and what I think about it. but one thing for sure is I’m thinking about “what should i wear”, he is taking me to a weird place at the wrong season. i don’t know what is the proper wardrobe for that place.

Well, wish me luck and i hope things go as i hope. And as usual, i hope that i can see how he really is from this date. 🙂

lots of love,

Nanda 🙂

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