H E L L O | a welcome post

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H E L L O | a welcome post

“Friends are the siblings God never gave us.” – Unknown

Please welcome the birth of our (Jule & Nanda) new baby. We’re not professional blogger but we want to write and keep track of our lives while being miles and miles apart. My name is Jule, and I live in Philly; the crazy city that is currently trying to welcome the pope. My partner in crime is Nanda, she is currently residing in San Francisco; it’s the city with a red, i mean “golden” bridge.

We don’t know where this blog will lead us but for sure it’s our tool to keep on being a part of each other’s lives, so that way our friendship can stay the same as if we were still in the same state.

We hope that our readers can learn and be inspired by what we experience in lives and through our stories. We thank you all in advance!


Two ladies set out to conquer the world. Just kidding, none of us are ever that ambitious. We are just two individuals who have known each other for a very long time (more than a decade now) that wanted to venture out to collaborate on a project together. We are “TOOCONFIDENTIALMESS” – too as in 'two' (Jule & Nanda) and too as in well, too. Confidential as in, it is our not so little secret to the world and mess as in our perfectly imperfect lives.

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