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Jealousy or … ? | Patrecia

“The reason why we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind the scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel.” ~ Steven Furtick 

wow, it feels like ages since my last post. but I have a solid reason, it is because I was down and out for the last couple of days. I got so sick that i felt like my energy just drained out of my body. but anyways, I am now back and well, thanks to all these drugs I’ve taken. 😛

Have you ever compare yourself with others? I am sure you have. because I know darn sure that I have. like when this girl that I knew got married years ago then not too long after that, a pregnancy news was followed. I was like “what? she’s so lucky” and bla bla bla. and then fast forward,  I just heard that she is getting a divorce. and honestly, I am sad for her. I would never want anybody to ever get separated, let alone people that I know.

and I have this friend at work who keeps talking about her boyfriend for almost tow years and  how her boyfriend does this, her boyfriend does that, how she meets her boyfriend at least once a week because he lives in the city, all i’ve heard about what her and her boyfriend stories. i was a little jealous, i was like “man, i want a boyfriend” and long story short, last week her boyfriend broke his toe, for some reason his insurance didn’t get accepted into any hospitals in the city. so she came down to the city and picked him up to get treated here. the next day she came to work with the boyfriend and i was like “oh, hell no!” he was far from what I imagined, he is tattoed up, missing a few teeth, very unmaintained facial hair and then she told me how he is not in a good health, he drinks until he blacks out, he smokes and does other things,  in other words, he is not in a good shape physically and medically.

those are only a couple of examples. there are other things that i’ve been jealous about (*cough cough* GUILTY) . then I came across this quote that I quoted at the very beginning of this post. You can’t always compare yourself with others. we all go through our own battle in life. maybe this is not our time yet, or maybe God is protecting us from all these hurts, such as a divorce after a marriage and a child or a unhealthy relationship with a unhealthy person. what seems like happiness to them, may not be so for us.

Just live and take life day by day. the grass in not greener on the other side, but it is greener where you water it. 😛

lots of love,


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