Hi, my name is Julia. I am a Thai, Indonesian and Chinese individual. I was born in Indonesia and raised, mostly, in New Jersey. However, somehow ends up calling Philadelphia home.

Communicating through a creative outlet is where my passion lies. I find peace in art such as painting, crafting and photography. I am a serious coffee and boba addict, and self proclaimed foodie.

My current chosen method of obtaining steady income is working in a 9-5 at a financial institution. In my spare time at home I enjoy watching Korean dramas and play games on the Nintendo Switch.

I currently cultivate my passion and hobbies through podcasting, blogging and social media. My passion projects consist of ‘TOOCONFIDENTIALMESS’ the podcast and blog as well as my food instagram account ‘lovemorningkopi’.

I truly hope that you enjoy reading our blog/ listening to our podcast here. If you want to know more about me, feel free to click the links below.


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