New York End, Back To Reality | Julia

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New York End, Back To Reality | Julia

WARNING: This post will  slightly long and will contain about 18 pictures

New York trip is over which means it is time to go back to reality. It felt like a super long journey where our stomach was constantly challenged. I went to NY on Sunday morning with two of my friends to just eat around flushing and hoping to go back to two place that we went to before to eat however, that did not work out because our stomach was just TOO full. We arrived in NY about 10am and headed straight to Flushing. The first place we went to was Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao which was very delicious and I would totally want to go back if I’m ever in that area again. The food were simple food but they were so good!


We tried their scallion pancake with sliced beef. It was a little bit oily but that is expected with most Chinese food. The portion were quite large, you can probably eat this with 4-6 people if you were ordering other food too. There were good amount of beef as well, did did not go cheap with it. A portion cost a little less than $5.


They are known for their xiao long bao. We tried their crab and pork bao and it was so good. It was so juicy and filled. When they set your table they have the ginger ready on their sauce plate and all you have to do is add the vinegar sauce to it which is already placed on table next to all the condiments (chilly, sugar, etc). Xiao long bao runs about a little less than $6 for the pork only and a little less than $7 for the crab and pork, each portion comes with 6 baos.


This is their Shanghai Siu Mai, which I thought was really good too. Inside is not your typical shrimp or pork that you most are used too. It is stuffed with sticky rice and pork, it was so yum! I actually wanted more of these but since I knew I had to save space in my stomach, I held off. A portion cost about less than $3 and it came with 4.


This was their soy milk. Typically you drink this while dipping your fried dough but since we had so much more of other food, I only order their soy milk to try. The soy milk is different, it definitely doesn’t taste like your out of the box soy milk. It comes in a bowl while pipping hot. Cost about $1.50 per.

As our next journey we went to two different restaurant to pick some to-go dishes to take down to New World Mall where we ordered drinks from Kung Fu Tea (no pictures) and a spicy dish.


First pick up stop was White Bear for some wontons with hot oil, it was actually not spicy and slightly bland. However, I’m not sure if that was the effect of us digging into the spiciest dish first or if the wontons are that bland. These were very cheap, it was $5.50 for 12 wontons which was decent sized and quite filled.


Second was Corner 28. This placed was packed! People went in and out to get their food. There was so much food sold in here for very cheap price. The one we tried because it was raved was the Peking Duck which was 1 for $1. It was a good deal, it came with good amount of meat, really soft buns with some scallion/ginger? and it also tasted good especially 1 for $1. The only down side is that they assemble the ducks and buns for you, if you like less sauce (the sauce is so sweet and they put so much of it) or no veggie on yours it might be hard, you’ll have to scrape off the sauce and take off the veggies your self.


Our last stop before we sit and eat some more was in New World Mall. To be honest I don’t know the name of the place anymore but when you go in and if you walk around you can’t miss it. This place is like a hibachi but Chinese style. You choose meat, veggie, noodles, seafood (they have fresh crabs) and they stir-fry it for you and it comes with unlimited rice. We were asked if we wanted 3 rice but we only needed 1. Their system is by the pounds, it was $8.50/lb and ours was a little over 1lb, it cost us $13. My suggestion though don’t choose extra spicy or you’ll burn your face off.

Last place stopped at in Flushing was Yupdduk. The place is about 30 mins walk from New World Mall. We didn’t go straight after eating at New World to Yupdduk though. We went to do a mini shopping. In Flushing they have a lot of Asian face shops which stopped in a few and also went into some “cute” stores to see if there is anything we liked. Last year I got some cute light stickers but this year no luck. After our hour or so long “shopping” session we walked down to Yupdduk.


I forgot what this dish is called but it is basically chicken feet with their spicy sauce. I did not eat this because I don’t eat chicken feet but the friend that did ate this said that this was really good but if you can’t handle spicy, it might be hard to eat. She was sweating while eating this but because it was so good, she couldn’t stop. I think this was about $18 for this sized portion.


Assorted teopokki! This was SO good!! Their rice cake is so different. It was so soft and fluffy. As I’m writing this, I want so more. I have never tasted such a soft and fluffy rice cake before. Can’t find this in Philly. This teopokki came with egg, saugages, rice cake, fish cake and cheese. It was so gooodddd. This was their small which to us was big, and it cost about $9.


The last dish we tried there was their cheese pork ribs. This was sooooo good too! The meat just falls off the bones and it is so tender. The sauce was a bit too sweet, maybe we should have gone with spicy rather than mild but still, it was so good! I want some more now! This dish was probably the highest priced dish that we spend on for the day. It was $25.


After Flushing ended, we went back to the city for some dessert in Ktown. We hit up Grace Street. The place was cute but I felt that it was too pack to enjoy the place. It was really just a come site down to eat, drink, and leave type of place.


The picture was taken at a really bad angle, I don’t know what I was thinking but I did their make my own. This is I guess like ice cream but without the brain freeze. The texture is so unique, it is layered like fabric. We ate it from the back and the front, when it was up the thin middle we tipped it over and we able to pick out the individual layers. It was kinda cool. I choose the green tea with misugaru powder, mochi and red beans. The sweetness was not too sweet which is just right for me. Their sweet toppings balanced out their semisweet ice cream which was perfect.

I also got their Lemon Honey Tea, something like that which was not bad and my friends; one got a jasmine greentea latte and one got an iced thai ice tea and both also really liked their drinks.

After all this ended we head back to the bus station and headed home and empties our tanks haha. Anyways it was a good foodie trip. I’m hoping to be able to do one of these trip again in March when my friend comes to visit from SF but we shall see if he is already full booked or not.

but for now is back to reality of work life and well life in general. I have much to do considering that supposedly my mother is coming back in March/April. I’m probably will be going to hell for saying this but she better work and not just stay home all day. My dad and I don’t have anymore money she can spent and take back home. Life is rough, if she’s planing to stay for a couple of month, better make something out of those of months. Irking my nerve.

That is it for now, I have some extra pictures below this that’s not related to food so you can choose to see them or not see them 🙂


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