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NYC Food Hunt | Julia

Hello World,

It has been awhile since I last posted. I’ve been busy figuring out life and raising a bunny. I’ve recently got a dwarf bunny and named it Boba. Boba is still a child, in human years 10 years old; therefor it is going through its teen year stage and I’m having  a hard time getting Boba to eat his food which leads to me being super frustrated.

I have also finish registering my classes and now I am in the process of figuring out how I want to pay for it. I’ve already got the first semester down but the semesters after, it is still a blur for me. Work and life have been quite a struggle for me lately and it is taking a bit of a toll on me.

I did though few weeks ago went to NYC (if you follow my instagram, you would probably already know that) so I will do a mini recaps as to the places I went to and what I think about them. I hope it will help and guide anyone who are interested in visiting these places 🙂

Video that goes along with this post:

A doughnut shop inside a Manhattan style food court called The City Kitchen. Dough have many locations, the one in the City Kitchen just one that I choose to go to because it was near the bus station. The place was only about 3 blocks away from the greyhound station but it took my friend and I longer to find because we were looking for “Dough”, not knowing that “Dough” was inside a food court (there were no “Dough” written anywhere). I yelped the place and found out it was inside City Kitchen which I believe is part of ROW Apartment.

The doughnut itself we just ok to me, It was nothing real special. The texture and style of it were very doughy. I have to say that their style of doughnut where not my favorite. The only one I liked for them is their nutella doughnut because it was more airy. In NY I would suggest Doughnut Plant but if in Philadelphia,  Bailers Doughnut is the way to go.


Xian’s Famous Foods
A place with bomb spicy noodles. I don’t love this exact location because it was just too crazy. There is no order in the seating area. It says no tag seating if you don’t have your food but everyone does exactly that and the employee does nothing to stop it. The drink that they offer was in such a room temperature that it was not that enjoyable but I do love the food. The noodle has such a good chewy and bouncy texture with the perfect amount of spice. The meat is also melting in your mouth tender. If you are a fan of spicy food, it is worth the try but be prepare for the worst when it comes to seating.


Odd Fellows
This place is an ice cream place. They supposedly known for their odd pocket style ice cream, which is ice cream inside a brioche bun. In my opinion, this is not a try-worthy place unless you are the type of person who likes tasting weird flavor ice cream. They had miso ice cream, mushroom malt ice cream (the one i tried with float) and other different one. The odd pocket was certainly odd. I could not taste the ice cream, I only taste the bun and I feel like that is due to the heat. When ice cream is put on heat, it will automatically melt. Therefore it tasted like bun dipped in milk. Try other ice cream places if you really want some ice cream.


Takahachi Bakery
This place is not new to me, I went before and their food was good which is why I went back. The food still taste the same even though they don’t have their eclairs anymore. I also tried their summer special mango peach tea (I think) which was also good. The only thing that I don’t like about this place was the cashier that took my orders. She was not professional at all. She was basically rushing my friend and I order. I had multiple things I wanted to order and instead of asking us “is there anything else” after each item that we want is said, she kept on telling us our totals. I was very disappointed in their service. If that happened happened on my first visit, I would not have made this second visit.


Dominique Ansel Bakery
The last place my friend and I visited was this bakery that was famous for their cronuts but sadly we were not able to try any because they are hold out by the first/ second hour after they opened. We did though bought some goodies back to try at home. I did not have pictures of them because by the time I got home, the goods were not picture presentable anymore. The taste was very good though. I bought myself 2 eclairs: the chocolate and the salted caramel, I liked the salted caramel better. I also got their matcha and blueberry hazelnut thing which were both also really really good (there are images of them in the video). If you can get to this place early, do it because I’m sure their cronuts are really good.

That is all I have for today, I will see you guys in the next post.


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