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Online dating works? | Patrecia

Test…test.. Is this thing on? *tapping on mic* haha!!

Hello everyone!! It has been so long since last time I posted something on here (Sept ‘16). Eeekkk… a lot has happened since then, bad, good, sad, happy, up and down. A short recap for you, well, I became an aunt (an awesome one too 😉), I visited Philadelphia and New York, got dumped by a guy after about a year of dating, signed up an online dating profile (eHarmony) (ps: not sponsored) haha, met an awesome guy, got engaged, went to Disneyland, quit my job of four years, went to Universal Hollywood (to celebrate me quitting my job), planning a wedding, going to move to a new place in two weeks which two weeks before the wedding and yeah. That was not  a short recap after all. But yeah.. you may have noticed the part when I said “online dating”, “eHarmony” and all that jazz and it’s true, I met my fiancé on an online dating site. Which what I would talk about here.

Okay, growing up as an Asian, in Asian community and of course, with Asian mind set, online dating is not a thing. It is something that should not even be considered. Online dating is only for someone who is desperate and getting to a point in life where he/she can’t find anyone in real life and places. People you know would see you differently if you tell them you found someone online, at least among Asians. Which makes you don’t want to do online dating or give it a shot even more. But I did it and luckily I got a positive result and also I’m blessed enough that my parents are very open minded about the whole thing.

For me and from my experience, online dating was not even close to what some people made it sound like out there. For me, online dating helps making/finding new friends easier. Especially nowadays, where people are just too busy with work and other things that going out after is not preferable. The idea of just come home and ubereats while binge watching sounds too glorious to skip and I get that. So I gave online dating a shot. I’ve tried those free sites for a quick second and whoa! I’ve never felt so disrespected by men in my life. So those free sites didn’t last very long. That’s when I gave eHarhony a try. I signed up and to be honest, I wasn’t thinking that I would find the one as quickly as I did, so I purchased their one year membership for about $130/year. And I have to say, paid sites were way safer and better, because logically, people who are willing to pay a pretty expensive membership fee would be the ones who are looking for serious relationships. So, I didn’t use that one year worth of membership to the fullest, because my Prince Charming came and swept me away waaaay sooner that I anticipated. Thank goodness hahaha

So I was on there for a few weeks, went on one date with a guy (pre meeting my fiancé) and it didn’t go very well. Then I remember, one night, I was on the app and sent this guy a smile. I’ve read his profile and that’s why I sent him a smile with no expectation that he would respond. But the next day, he responded. We started talking and haven’t stopped since. I would not go in details about him, maybe in a separate post. But all I can say now is that I’m at the happiest time of my life.

So, for you who are reading this right now and been questioning whether you should give online dating a shot. I think you should. Don’t be ashamed of being there, people can say whatever tf they want, but you should do you. Yes, you should be careful at all times when it comes to meet up with strangers, so always let someone know when and where you’re going, so you know for sure someone you know aware of your whereabouts. Also, always go after those paid sites, don’t go for the free sites, unless you like challenges and really want to experience the whole nine yard, and yes, I’m talking about dick pics, DTF questions and offers and other weird things. So again, don’t be embarrassed or ashamed to be doing online dating, if you let stranger picking you up in their car (Uber) and you let yourself stay at someone’s place you’ve never met/been before (Airbnb), then online dating isn’t as scary as people think.

I’ve done it and succeeded and I approved this message! 😂



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  1. I also can vouch that it works. I wouldn’t have found such an amazing partner had I not dove in despite my reservations to do so. Turns out… Best decision I ever made. Give it a try peeps!

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