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We are alive and the first episode of our podcast is almost ready. Honestly, we had this idea for a long time now but being that we are living in the opposite side of the country; getting started was a drag for us. We weren’t pushing each other enough and it went under the rug for almost two years before we finally say enough is enough; it is time.

The research, the recording and the building up to it was not easy but it is finally getting build slowly and we are almost ready to launch. Our podcast is currently only accessible through our web but we are working on getting it up on to the more popular platform such as iTunes, Google, Spotify, etc.

Please be patient with us as we work out our kinks. Wait for us!! We are coming!! We promise!!

When we recorded this introduction we certainly did not think that we would be where we are today. When we recorded this introduction, we were together, however, coronavirus or COVID-19 was not yet being called a pandemic and we were yet to be quarantined.

With the current situation we advise for everyone to please stay home and be safe. Not only for the safety of yourself but also for the safety of your loved ones. Coronavirus knows no age, gender, religion or race — please do all you can to stay safe.

We thank you for all of the essential workers that are out there working hard for the well being of us that are staying inside. All of you, please, stay safe as well.

Jule & Nanda

Two ladies set out to conquer the world. Just kidding, none of us are ever that ambitious. We are just two individuals who have known each other for a very long time (more than a decade now) that wanted to venture out to collaborate on a project together. We are “TOOCONFIDENTIALMESS” – too as in 'two' (Jule & Nanda) and too as in well, too. Confidential as in, it is our not so little secret to the world and mess as in our perfectly imperfect lives.

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