St. Patrick’s Day? Party-ing at 26? | Julia

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St. Patrick’s Day? Party-ing at 26? | Julia

House party, clubbing, night events used to be all that and more. Key word used, I USED to do all of that back before I was legal to drink (aka before I turned 21). Yet, after I turned 21, that desire to party slowly diminished. Prior to turning 21 I had nothing that I would consider as real life responsibility. I was in high school about to start college. The only thing I had to worry about was SAT but after I realized that I wanted to go to art school; it was screw SAT. After  turning 21, I cared more about life. I had the need to keep myself grounded (that may also due to the person I was dating at the time as well). I put a little more effort in life, I wanted to excel at the major that I was in at the time and that meant staying at school till late at night instead of out drinking all night, all the time. I wouldn’t say I stopped cold turkey but I did alright.

My co-workers were asking me earlier today if I go clubbing, since it is St. Patrick’s Day and all. I told them “no, I’m too old for that”. Believe it or not I am turning 27 this year (my co-workers all thought that I was 22) and I am getting old. As I get older and older partying just does not sound as fun as it was when I was 19/20. Partying and clubbing actually sounds a little exhausting especially after working.  I lived the party life already, I have experienced a lot more than many could ever think or imagine. I have done things that I am not proud of but as a friend said to me yesterday, “you live and you learn”. I have lived and I learned that I don’t want to party at 26. My body just can’t take it anymore. I rather be sleeping than out partying and drinking all night long.

Partying and drinking till drunk just does not interest me anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I still drink. I drink socially. I drink when I go out with friends or co-workers. I drink when I have a work function but I don’t drink to get drunk. Which is why I am not a fan of going out during St. Patrick’s Day or St. Patrick’s weekend. I don’t feel like seeing a street full of puke and having drunk people touch me as I walk the street. Many people have lost the sight of the true meaning of St. Patrick’s Day and turned it into a reason to binge drinking, which totally does not interest me.

I volunteered at work for the St. Patrick’s parade, and that part of is was fun. The idea of socializing with your co-workers and be in environment where it is not work. However, the part of seeing people drunk, puking and also pee-ing on the street (or actually next to the cop car), that was not fun.  I am over the getting drunk and partying stage. I rather sit or sleep at home.

Anyways, that is my two-cent on partying and St. Patrick’s Day.


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