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Too Much Picture! | Julia

Good evening everyone! How is your Sunday so far? Has it been as full as mine?

I’ve been out and about for the whole day today and I’m exhausted. I started the day with church, continued it with lunch, then helping my friend find a dress and finished with dinner. I went to part of Philadelphia that I’ve never been to before and back to where I’m somewhat familiar with. I must say it has been quite a day and now I’m on my bed and in my blanket and almost ready to call it a night so I can wake up refreshed tomorrow morning for work.

Today, I am here to talk to you guys about social media, or in particularly: pictures posting. I love looking at pictures that my friends post on facebook, instagram, twitter and whatever other social media source out there, however, sometimes it can get too much when you post about the same one “topic” or I guess one “person” all the time.

I have 2 people on my social media feed who I am completely fed up with.

One is a grown adult with an irking voice thinking that he made it big because people have been being polite to him and saying that his voice sounds good when it does not. He constantly post selfies or pictures of himself and videos of him singing the same freaking song over and over again. If you were going to post so many videos at the least make it different songs instead of 10 videos of the same damn song. This man irks my soul.

Second is actually I guess 2 people but I will combine them into one because they are a couple, new parents. I have never seen new parents as annoying as this couple. Every parents love and are proud of their children but I don’t think I ever seen them bombard pictures like this couple. It’s not even one picture a day, but multiple pictures a day of their child or of them and their child. It’s like we got it, you love your child and you want to take pictures of all your child waking moments but fuck, keep those pictures in your phone or camera! Print an album or whatever, just stop posting them. A couple is 2 people and these two will have the same exact pictures and I have to see it 4 times?!  Freak man! I used to think that your child is cute, not anymore though.

There was probably a saying out there that said when you have too much of a good thing, it is no longer good. These people are doing too much, irks my soul!

Okay, I’m good now. I will block all these people from my eyes! Now let us see what I’ve eaten recently 🙂

Thai, Indonesian and America...
Thai, Indonesian and America…
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